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Code of conduct

  • I - Conduct and Ethical Code Presentation

    Yupido’s success, does not rely only from the services that is capable to provide to the market. We believe that, besides this factor, there are other factors that we consider fundamental such as: capacity to produce and build mutual trust between the company and the societies in which we establish connections. Thus, we should adopt a responsible company conduct that goes in accordance with laws, regulations, implemented governmental policies or cultural practices. In this way, there was a need to create the Yupido’s Conduct and Ethical Code.


    The presented Code has the purpose to guide company’s employees behaviour, towards colleagues, suppliers, partners, clients, investors, as well as, others identities that we may work with, to fulfill our responsibilities while being on an integrated community.


    We hope that our employees learn, understand and guide their behavior with acknowledgment of our principles and conduct laws, while bearing always in mind that, to deliver something truly good to the market and enjoy the benefits of it, they should always act with goodwill, good-sense, truthfulness and justice.


    In this document, the expression Yupido’s Employees will be used to refer all the people that work or collaborate with Yupido, regardless, duration, labor bond or social executive and non-executive bodies mandate. Yupido’s Conduct and Ethical Code will be mentioned  and shortened as “Code.”




    Application ambit


    The Code is specially directed to Yupido employees, however, we hope that other identities such as , clients, suppliers, partners or external consultants that seek to learn and understand our Code, act accordingly with it.

  • II - Employees Conduct: Guidance Principles

    There are a total of six principles that guide our conduct. The Yupido’s Employees should understand the importance of each one and act accordingly:






    “Honor your commitments”. Nobody should neglect their responsibilities by laziness temptation, fear or by lack of knowledge. Doing what should be done, at the moment that should be done is not an option.






    The truth is always the best way to establish long-term relationships and trust, with benefits for everyone involved. We act with precision, exactness and always accordingly with reality, even if it looks like adverse. We do not tolerate lies which is always adverse and it brings, inevitably, negative consequences to everyone.






    We believe that funding our work and interactions with simplicity, provides the effectiveness and efficiency of the expected results. Always seek the best path, the shorter and less painful which is fundamental to develop our work, when it is done with goodwill, since we do not tolerate sloppiness.




    Do the right thing


    We are constantly seeking and assembling all the conditions that make our interactions with all identities beneficent and fair.




    Living well


    Living well, in our conceptualization, means to live in a healthy way inside and outside our work environment. Acting this way, we will want the best for our clients, our colleagues, and everyone that is connected to us.




    Acting accordingly with the law


    Acting accordingly with the laws of the countries that we established trade relationships with, is fundamental and unarguable. While members of the society, each one is responsible to acknowledge and follow the laws applied to its actions, however, if there are any perturbance or anomaly between those laws and our Code, it should be communicated to the Ethics Committee ( or to the Yupido’s Legal Department.

  • III - Work Environment

    Working occupies an important part of time in life of all people, therefore, the place where that happens, it should be appropriate to human welfare, as well as, developing and providing a quality service to our clients. Thus, we should act this way:




    Equal Opportunities


    Evolving or being promoted at Yupido it is only possible by personal merit, by demonstrated skills and acknowledgment , as well as, professional commitment and effectiveness. It is not tolerated the treatment more or less favourable regarding the access to a position or career progression, following discriminated criteria, recognized by constitutional laws, labor laws or civil right laws.






    It is not tolerated any harassment practice, considering this act as “unwanted behaviour, especially based on discrimination factor, practiced when applying to a position or in it’s own job, work or training, with the purpose to perturbate or embarrass the person, affect his dignity or create an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or destabilizing environment” (Law No. 07/2009, from 12/02).




    Secure and Responsible Environment: Drugs, alcohol and smoking


    “Adopt an healthy life and abstain high risk behaviours that may prejudice your health” it is what we recommend to everyone who interact with us.


    It is not allowed, for Yupido’s employees, the consumption of narcotic drugs by any means, local or circumstance, except for therapeutic and medical use, respecting restricted clinics recommendation, duly assigned and with a prescription.


    It is forbidden to smoke in our work space, except if there is any specific location created to that purpose and that goes accordingly to legislation. Outside the company, Yupido’s employees should act with good-sense, always respecting the laws and other regulations, as well as, those that are not smokers.


    Alcohol consumption, during or after labour hours it is harmful to physical and mental health, to production and innovation, and it may put at stake people’s and place’s security, other decisions and businesses relationships. It is not allowed that the consumption:


    • Interfere with personal performance;
    • Put at risk Yupido’s Employees physical integrity and company’s equipment;
    • Damages health and security at work;
    • Create a negative image or Yupido’s discredit.


    An healthy and safe environment it is fundamental for productivity, so, beyond this mentioned aspects, every company’s employees should obey Security Rules and Regulations, Hygiene and Health at Labor.


    We hope that our suppliers, partners, visitors or other identities, understand our regulations and, in visit, special collaboration, temporal collaboration or other occasional situation, act with good-sense, respecting as equal, the regulations that maintain our environment safe, healthy and a propitious well being to everyone.




    Learning Environment


    We support training and the growth of Yupido’s Employees, we are constantly seeking new ways to implement programs to boost those moments. We also valorize the initiative and hope that every employee be aware in terms of permanent learning, since society and its needs are volatile, derivative to its continuous social transformations that are embolden by economical, technological, social and/or political factors.


    Our Human Resources Policies are published by an intern document (Human Resources Policies), therefore, the doubts, or related suggestions that may occur can be reported to the hierarchy responsible or human resources team. Human resources contact is available internally.

  • IV - Conflict of Interests

    A conflict of interests exists when personal or private interests interfere with company interests. When it is not solved, it may put in question the trust while being a professional, compromise in an irreversible way a business, a juridic relationship or a simple decision.


    Here at Yupido, Employees have the duty to comply with the regulations and respect values such as legality, loyalty, trust and ethic. Thus, it is possible to avoid conflicts.


    Here are some examples that may provoke a conflict of interests:




    Handling privileged information


    During the relationship with Yupido it gets certain information about the business, company members, clients, partners and suppliers, that, in other way would be difficult to obtain. Independently the way that this type of information is acknowledged, it is forbidden its communication to third parties, as well as, using them with the objective of favoritism or benefit himself, family, friends or others that may have a close relationship with. We disapprove blackmail acts, favoritism, market manipulation, buying and selling stocks, based on confidential information and/or non-public, acquired at work (no matter what labor bond) or during presence/visiting Yupido.




    Hierarchical Positioning


    Hierarchical positioning of a Yupido’s Employee it can not be used to obtain benefits or favorable usage to own advantage, family, friends or other that may have a close relationship with.




    Employment and/or extra Yupido activities, members of board of directors, board of advisors and executive committees at other companies.


    It is not allowed to exert professional activities, volunteers and non volunteers, that interfere with the good performance of those at Yupido. Every realised external activities that are competitors to Yupido’s practices, as well as, all of those that are accomplished to other companies competitors to Yupido, are not allowed. In case of doubt and previously accepted the realisation of those activities mentioned, it should be reported to the Ethics Committee, so it can evaluate a conflict of interests possibility and authorize, or not, it’s practices. The participation on administration boards, consultant boards or executive boards in other companies, which its activities are competitive or similar, it is not allowed. Yupido’s Employees should consult our Non Competition Policy for additional information.






    It is not forbidden love or family relationships between Yupido’s Employees. However, it is important to bear in mind that this relationships may generate conflict of interests, whereby, every time that a potential one is identified, it should be reported to the Ethics Committee  (, or to the Human Resources responsible, so they can provide assistance to suppress the conflict. The report must be filled in by the person who is involved, or by whom it was recognized with.


    With the existence of this relationships, personal life should not interfere with professional life, as well as, personal interests should not interfere or damage company’s interests. Any type of information that everyone has, or acquired at work environment, should maintain as confidential and it should not be communicated (purposely or accidentally), by any means to the other part. It is forbidden to use the business knowledgment or hierarchy positioning to demand or handle, benefit or treat in a special way the other part.




    Give and receive gifts, entertainment or other business courtesy


    During the business development it may happen to receive gifts offered by third parties. Regarding this subject, we intend to adopt the following rule: Yupido’s Employees should use good-sense when facing the occurrence of gift receiving, events invitation or other business courtesy and do not accept it, in case they don’t consent with the following criteria:


    • Market offering value must be insignificant, must be legal and offered in a promotion ambit for new products or serviçes;
    • It belongs to a country cultural habits, however, it can not violate any law or regulation or even the referred company;
    • The offer does not provide favoritism or special treatment;
    • Entertainment Events (Ex.: Meals, sport events, cultural and/or technological) it may be considered if:
      • They are not recurrent or unappropriated;
      • They belong to events promoted/organized by the identity in matter;
      • The event value is not uncalled for/inadequate or the financial responsibility it’s not significative to whom is offering;
      • They occur in company’s interests ambit and never personal interests;
      • They do not violate country's or company’s laws and regulations that is taking place;
      • It is not a criteria to make viable the hiring of a specific business;
      • That is not conducive to changing opinions regarding present or future business decisions;
      • Do not block any opinion or attitude;
      • Do not damage company’s image and reputation;
    • It is forbidden, to all Yupido’s Employees, to demand gifts or special conditions to participate at events, promoted by identities who we have commercial bonds with;
    • It is forbidden to demand or accept any present or courtesy in form of money, no matter its value.


    Every time that there are doubts related to a possible conflict, or emerge similar situations inside this ambit and not described on this subject, they should be communicated to Ethics Committee ( for the requested support.




    Business decisions


    Decision-making processes, with Yupido’s name, should be taken with seriousness, harshness and impartiality, because if they are not developed this way it could bring negative impacts for our company such as, losing trust with the identities involved in the process and losing businesses. Therefore, Yupido’s Employees should abstain from processes of decision-making when:


    • From the involved, they made part (directly or indirectly) other companies or identities whom we had work with;
    • From the involved, they made part (directly or indirectly) persons or companies and other external identities which elements are family, friends or other type related with affinity bonds.


    In this ambit, if there is any conflict situations, Yupido’s members should act with good-sense, truthfulness and loyalty, alerting hierarchy superiors or, if there is none of those, members from the company with the same hierarchy position that are impartial when facing the process.

  • V - Communications and good practices policies

    Yupido seeks to guarantee that all communications established in company's name, indifferently the way or the channel it chooses, should be transmitted with respect, nobleness and transparency. The receiver should understand, without any doubts or second interpretations, the received message. Every Yupido’s Employees must have consciousness that any performed communication in name’s company, affects directly the businesses and consequently its collaboration within the company.


    Any press communication, information disclosure on social networks or public channels, related to Yupido and that are not covered by confidentiality codes, are restricted to a specially selected Yupido’s Employees. Other internal or external company members should follow the intern communication regulation available by Ethics Committee (, when requested.




    Good practices policy


    Yupido’s Employees should seek, from third parties, good practices and cordiality, therefore, people external to the company will be treated by the 2nd person of singular or by the first name and acquired academic title, adapting to the situations described on document Communications and good practices policies. This policies also applies to third parties when referring to Yupido’s Employees.

  • VI - Information preservation, intellectual property and confidentiality policies

    Regarding confidentiality and information preservation, beyond what we had already referred before, Yupido’s Employees should act in the following way:


    • It is strictly confidential and should be preserved, information and/or data referred to Yupido’s Employees, suppliers, clients, partners or other identities that are related to Yupido, occasionally or permanently, as well as, related to company’s businesses (including: contracts, businesses secrets, non public informations about products or services, technologies, patents or brands, etc.).
    • Our commercial and professional relationships demand confidentiality policies and intern intellectual properties acceptance. Additional information and related to this subject are exposed on our document (Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Policies) which is mandatory its reading. Every doubt that can occur should be exposed to legal department.
  • VII - Usage and protection of company’s goods

    Yupido’s has the principle to facultate, to its employees, the goods (that includes internet, hardware and software) adequate and necessary to an excellency professional performance. This way, we expect that Yupido’s Employees use the goods with good-sense and responsibility, exclusively to the ends that are meant to, at the moment that they are given. It is not allowed it’s usage for illicit ends, that violates company’s policies or regulations, as well as, country's laws and regulations where its business its active.


    Company’s goods are non-transferable, which means, they can not be transferred or borrowed to third parties, even if they are Yupido’s Employees.


    Yupido’s Employees should preserve in good order, cleaning and conservation state all available goods by being cautions with the usage.


    When damage, failure or errors are verified, those should be reported to hierarchy responsible, by e-mail.

  • VIII - Financial accountability and procurement policies

    Some company’s employees have access and authorization to use company’s money to purchase products or services required for the business, contracts celebration, donations, etc., only if they are correctly authorized. On this ambit, financial accountability implies:


    • Not using company’s funds to inappropriate and pre-unauthorized ends;
    • Not using company’s funds to personal ends;
    • Not celebrating contracts which monetary value is disproportional, inadequate or unfeasible for company’s businesses. Contracts celebration are restricted to company’s members which responsibility is documented and properly assigned.
    • All the applied expenses, in company’s name, should be properly authorized, and posteriorly, documented, are obligatory to keep record and deliver respective documentation to human resources or accounting team.


    Making purchases or acquiring services for the company must obey a criteria properly defined on the document Purchase Policies and Suppliers Selection, thus, purchases are not allowed if they do not fulfill this requirements.


    To guarantee a good financial management, Yupido has audit’s processes properly created and institutionalized which we expect good collaboration from Yupido’s Employees when asked. It is not accepted any obstruction attempt to audit’s processes, records falsifications or any illegal act regarding those.

  • IX - Law Compliance

    All territories, national or international, have specific laws applied to businesses, which objective is to regulate the way they establish commercial relationships inner and outer countries so those could be adequate and fair to each one’s economy. Those laws, differ from country to country or from Union European state members to non-members.


    Yupido complies and expects that everyone who is related to, also complies equally and accordingly to country laws where they established commercial relationships with. Whatsoever if they are, competitor’s laws, corruption combat and money laundering laws, regulations and/or conventions related to exportation and importation, exchange laws, regulations and labor laws, intellectual property laws, data protection and privacy laws. Still, it can not be forgotten other disposal laws, regulated or social, that inevitability impact the way of making businesses, such as related to sustainability, with Human Rights, Social Development, Environment, Taxation, among others.


    The acknowledgment and compliance of the law, allows every market interactions to be benefic and fair to everyone, providing business prosperity. The non compliance of the law or regulations, has severe consequences, for the company and for each individual involved. Therefore, if there are any issues regarding any legal question or related matter, as well as, when it is acknowledged or identified transgressions in law or regulations, those should be reported to Yupido’s legal department.

  • X - Final Notes: Transgressions, non-retaliation and non-compliance

    We believe that, just like the expressed sentence by OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) on its publication “Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises”, “the respect for high conduct enterprise patterns may boost its growth”. In this ambit, Yupido will be constantly seeking ways to develop programs and/or diffuse properly, before its employees, the policies that reflects its commitment to organizational citizenship.


    It is not possible to identify all situations that may harm the ethics or the good conduct of Yupido’s businesses, since unexpected situations might happen. Therefore, in non mentioned situations, Yupido’s Employees should seek assistance close to hierarchy responsibles, directors or from Ethics Committee ( However, we hope that everyone always act with good-faith and good-sense on its actions and interactions with third parties.




    Transgressions Reports


    Code transgressions situations or any suspicion that something similar happened, should be reported to Ethics Committee ( or Legal Department.




    Non-Retaliation Policies


    It is now allowed retaliations against Yupido’s Employees or other persons related, for reporting or alerting situations like code transgressions or other regulations and laws defended and/or mentioned by Yupido’s.




    Code Changes and Clarifications


    Demanding to review requests, propose amendments, resignation or issues clarification related to the Code, should be exposed to Ethics Committee through electronic mail (  Requesting reviews, alterations or resignations must be well sustained so it can have a proper resolution. The questions that occur it may be posted, directly, to hierarchy responsible or human resources department, that will provide a clear and prompt answer.


    The Conduct Code will be reviewed periodically by Ethics Committee, so it can maintain its reality to businesses. Thus, it may suffer amendments when we find it opportune, after Administration Council approbation.




    Non-Compliance Consequences


    Ethical Code and Conduct transgressions or disrespect (where it includes fake reports with the end to prejudice colleagues or third parties), laws and regulations mentioned, will be subject, after examination, to disciplinary procedures that may provoke company’s demission. When transgression concerns to country’s laws and regulations, the same should be reported to Legal department and competent authorities.