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Intentions Letter

Yupido is not a traditional company. It was founded to become a strong partner of all the people who intend to serve the society, whoever if they are producers, extractors, merchant of goods, artists, liberal professionals, services providers, media and distributors, which we call, the Doers.


Sometimes, infrastructure costs represents a high expense for a Doer to start its operations, and it may damage the operation itself. Yupido’s intention is to allow that any Doer might reach the final consumer in an efficient way. It was with this purpose that we defined as a mission, to provide our clients the needed infrastructure so they can operate with less costs and better time efficiency, with the quality and guarantee that only Yupido can offer.


Therefore, some of our objectives are:


  • Develop support systems to create new companies;
  • Guarantee that the created systems will make their operations economically viable;
  • Create infrastructures that may empower the business growth of companies;
  • Promote efficient distribution of goods and services of those companies.


With the expected launch for the next year, we are preparing a solution to help creating new companies, focused on supplying essential services and helping them going through the main obstacles related to the start of the business development.


Make it happen!



The Executive Committee